Is BOTB legit?

“is BOTB legit then?” is something I get asked on a fairly regular occasion.

As a self confessed petrol head I often end up talking cars (mostly Lotus!) and then the story of how I won a car comes up.

Amazingly, I’ve met people who have played numerous times but still think it’s a scam. Why on earth would you play if you thought that? Most people are understandably though a little sceptical especially now they’ve closed all the physical sites (I guess there was a reassurance from them being allowed in the airport) but I can 100% assure you they are very much legit and above board. So let me give you a bit of evidence to help…

Firstly, I won a car from them! But actually that’s no use at all to you as the first thing I hear is “BOTB give the cars to their mates”, “All the winners on the BOTB site are actors”, “All the winners of BOTB are plants” or “BOTB is fixed” etc. Should any of this be true William Hindmarch has a lot of friends and/or there is a huge queue of people just waiting to tell the truth to a national newspaper but just haven’t found the time in the past 20 years…

So let’s go with some facts which can be validated.

BOTB is the trading name of BEST OF THE BEST PLC a company formed in 199x and file their accounts regularly.

BOTB is listed on the LONDON STOCK EXCHANGE AIM market. You have to pass some pretty stringent tests to get into that game!

All the games are judged by a team of judges from the world of football and validated by an independent lawyer. Each judging video tells you who the judges are and who the independent lawyer is.

On top of those VERY LEGAL reasons they are legit there’s some more anecdotal ones too.

BOTB have held events where players get to meet winners. It would be way too easy for someone to slip up here!

BOTB have aligned themselves with a number of brand advocates and celebrities over the years such as David Coulthard, Sol Campbell and of course Christian Williams. All of these celebrities will have agents to do the due diligence for them

So, is BOTB legit?

Absolutely!  You can feel safe playing BOTB