August 28, 2020

Improve your odds of winning a car with BOTB in 2020

By howtowinacar

Winning BOTB is really a dream come true.  I can assure you of that as I am one of the lucky ones to get that good news!  In my case it was a phone call back in July 2010 but these days you can expect a visit or a Facetime from Christian Williams, the Virgin Radio presenter and face of BOTB (and for those of you who ask he’s an incredibly nice fella and ladies I don’t have his phone number I’m afraid!)

So, what can you do to improve your chances of winning a car with BOTB?  Here are my top tips with an added bit of maths to help!

  1. Play lots of tickets in one game rather than playing a couple on each competition per month.  Mathematically this increases your odds e.g. 20 goes on one game is better than 2 goes on 10 games
  2. Playing lots of tickets in one go also unlocks discounts such as 5% off for 5 tickets and 15% off for 10 tickets
  3. Position your crosses then walk away.  Coming back a few hours later you may think very differently!  Once you’ve checked out you can’t change them.
  4. Be happy to NOT play.  If it’s an awkward photo then walk away.  You won’t get any Dream car credit if you follow the wrong set of eyes and accumulating Dream car credit is one of the best ways to keep playing regularly.
  5. Review the offers!  Generally, the price of a ticket is linked directly to the value of the prize but sometimes they go a bit off either in your favour or against you.  Do some simple maths (Prize Total/Ticket Price)

I’ll add more as they come to mind. Oh and remember to use my link to buy your tickets to say thanks 🙂