How to increase your odds of winning BOTB supercar competition

How to increase your odds of winning BOTB supercar competition

After winning in 2010, a Porsche Cayman, I am living proof that best of the best spot-the-ball supercar competition is not a scam. BotB Odds are not stated on the website, they don’t legally have to. “Genuine prize competitions are free from statutory control under the Gambling Act 2005 and therefore do not require a licence”. Where most spot-the-ball competitions will only payout if you pick the EXACT spot. Best of the Best pick a winner Every Week, the nearest pixel wins.


The BOTB competition image has over 4,750,000 pixels to choose from, but realistically choosing an area where the ball is most likely to be is only 10% of the total image. The smaller area is selected using the positions, reactions and eyes of the sports people in the photo.


Even if you selected a completely random spot, the odds of winning is 3 times greater than winning the UK national lottery!


What if there is a Tie-Break?. All tie-breakers that have multiple entries, the next nearest selections will be used. In the event of an entrant having only played 1 selection,  a tie break will be played. All tie-breakers will invited to a private spot-the-ball competition with a zero ticket price.


There are Prizes for second place. “The twenty (20) Runners Up will each receive £200 worth (face value) of Dreamcar Competition tickets for Competitions run by the Promoter”.



My top tips for increasing your BotB odds of winning

  1. Have a monthly budget and stick to it. But do blow your budget all in 1 go.
  2. Only play with Sale Tickets. if there isn’t a car you would like to win, don’t play. There’s always next week.
  3. Don’t play with just one ticket. Buy at least ten tickets and your price per ticket is discounted. Ten tickets at £4 costs £24 (40% discount)
  4. Pay the extra £1.25 per ticket to win £10,000 and free fuel for a year. The multi-buy discount is applied, also saving 40% on ten tickets.
  5. Keep pins close together. If you win in a tie-break, the chance of your second selection being closer is greater.
  6. Get some friends round your screen and ‘discuss’ where they think the ball is. May help, or may confuse.
  7. If you win a runner up prize – spend it all on the following weeks competition.


Head over to to play


BotB Ticket Multibuy Discounts


1 Ticket £2.00 £4.00 £6.00
5 Tickets (20% discount) £8 (1.60/ticket) £16 (3.20/ticket) £24 (4.80/ticket)
10 Tickets (40% discount) £12 (1.20/ticket) £24 (2.40/ticket) £36 (3.60/ticket)


How many tickets can I get for £60


Ticket price £2.00 £4.00 £6.00
Spend £60 (tickets only) 50 25 16
Spend £60 (with £10,000 Cash & Fuel) 30 19 13


Judges’ Decision

Once the competition has closed (Sunday at midnight) the judges (independently selected footballers, referees and ex-international football players) who decide where the centre of the ball is.

Your entries are then shown against the winning coordinates: you can see below that I was not even close this week!

BotB Judges Decision

BotB Competition Reward Scheme

Didn’t win? so best of the best will give you some of your money back (game credit)… Brilliant

In the competition I entered above, I received back £2.52 in game credit.

As well as the top 20 closest players receiving £200 in game credit, the target around the judges decision has 3 zones.

  • In the Center zone: you will receive 100% of your ticket value in game credit (value after discounts)
  • In the Middle zone: you will receive 15% of your ticket value in game credit (value after discounts)
  • In the Outer zone: you will receive 10% of your ticket value in game credit (value after discounts)


36 thoughts on “How to increase your odds of winning BOTB supercar competition

  1. so how did they contact u prior to giving u the car,,as in did they call day before on anonymous number to surprise u by contacting someone in ur family??what time did they call if they did???cheers

    1. My win was in the days before they door stepped people with their prizes so I just got a call from a London number on my mobile. It was quite a shock!

  2. Hi. Thank you so much for sharing this post. We know BOTB is not a scam and am sure all of it’s players know very well as well. I am not very good at this game but I have been getting help from my work colleagues to spot the ball who all are very fond of this sport and have also started playing this game. It’s been 5 weeks since I introduced my colleagues and the rest of our call center to this game and it has definitely made our boring Sundays and Mondays to life and entertaining. I take your advise on board, I have been so close but if I had read this post early maybe I would have won by now. Thanks for your advice, once I have a idea of where the ball is, I need to purchase multi tickets and place a cluster bomb there lol and that should amplify my chances which I will do this week.
    Congrats on your win, please send some of your good luck my way to. We certainly need it

  3. Nice tips, very helpful.i have been playing for a while, and ” gone wild” a couple of times on budget. Having read all stated above and considering the picture each week, it depends on “the loudest” of the weekly judges at the end of the day. In my opinion some judges are passive in getting their opinions noted while the others re enforces their opinion with persuasive deciding languages – while the rest just succumb (lol). i guess thats how most arguments are won in life.

    The good thing about it is that someone always win.

  4. I do feel like this is genuine game, althou this is my first week playing it. Reading thruout the internet about the game, it doesn’t seam to be a scam. Good luck everyone!

    1. You won twice?? And came close a third time? What cars did you win both times and how far apart we’re the wins? I’ve been playing for about 9 months on and off and not cane close once!!

      1. Seems to me like he meant he has had a near miss twice, and won £200. Which is still a win even if it isn’t the main prize.

  5. What if you win but jury can not contact you due to myself being out of reach? I work offshore and my phone does not always have coverage.

    1. They do their best but you have to provide decent contact details. You can also nominate a surprise contact who they will call to arrange the surprise. Make sure your surprise contact is on-shore perhaps!!!

  6. well if you have given them every source of contacts.THEY WILL GET IN TOUCH WITH YOU, You have access to emails offshore?Then they will contact you via that.Correct me if I’m wrong, but working offshore doesn’t mean your cut off from the world right? All the best. Former winner!

  7. I think is enough one of the 3 payers to have a wireless earphone through could be guided. It is an area available (most closest) not a dot where the targeted winner payed. …The winner is important not just the game. Anyway all the best and …enjoy the game guys.

  8. Can you plz tell me how many people get game credit out of 3 zones ?

    I was very close to winning coordinates and didn’t recieve nothing

    Thank you

  9. A friend of mine has won the supercar competition TWICE. One he took the car and 20k..the second he took the money which was around 70k so no I can guarantee it’s not a scam

    1. On the botb website it says the following “We deliver the car anywhere in the world, free of charge. All cars are delivered with UK VAT paid. There may be import/registration duties into certain countries which in general we do not pay for. It may therefore be preferable to take the cash alternative and then buy the equivalent car in your country – we can of course assist with this. See terms and conditions for full details on deliveries, taxes and the cash alternative options.”

  10. I love to play this game, spent around 150 swiss francs but won 280 dream car credits
    I realy enjoy this competition
    Not easy to win with only 2 or 3 tickets thats for sure
    More tickets, more chances to win
    Lets keep it positive

  11. Hello,

    I just started playing last week and was so close to being the winner with my closest guess just milometers away. At first i was devastated that i had got so close and not won. I bought 10 tickets with the £20,000 cash and free fuel for a year. I checked my account further and saw that i had got almost all my money back in credit and as you can imagine i was not as devastated anymore. I have now spent all the credit i got on more tickets on one car and the £20,000 cash and free fuel for a year. I went for a lower value car this time so i could buy more tickets.

    My hope is to win but if not to get as close as possible, so i can recuperate the ticket credit.

    Was it beginners luck, time will tell and i will keep you updated with what happens.


  12. As the winner is announced quickly and with a photo of their car are they given a choice of colour or do you get what’s available on a dealer forecourt? If I won I would want to chose the colour!

    1. Hi Tom,

      The car they surprise the winner with is rarely the car the contestant ends up owning. In some cases the car people want isnt even available yet so they’ll take something similar.

      Basically you get to go into a showroom and say “I want that one!”, as long as you can afford the options of course!!!

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