Alun Rowe Winning BOTB Supercar Competition 2010
May 16, 2017

How to increase your odds of winning BOTB supercar competition

By howtowinacar

After winning in 2010, a Porsche Cayman, I am living proof that best of the best spot-the-ball supercar competition is not a scam. BotB Odds are not stated on the website, they don’t legally have to. “Genuine prize competitions are free from statutory control under the Gambling Act 2005 and therefore do not require a licence”. Where most spot-the-ball competitions will only payout if you pick the EXACT spot. Best of the Best pick a winner Every Week, the nearest pixel wins.


The BOTB competition image has over 4,750,000 pixels to choose from, but realistically choosing an area where the ball is most likely to be is only 10% of the total image. The smaller area is selected using the positions, reactions and eyes of the sports people in the photo.


Even if you selected a completely random spot, the odds of winning is 3 times greater than winning the UK national lottery!


What if there is a Tie-Break?. All tie-breakers that have multiple entries, the next nearest selections will be used. In the event of an entrant having only played 1 selection,  a tie break will be played. All tie-breakers will invited to a private spot-the-ball competition with a zero ticket price.


There are Prizes for second place. “The twenty (20) Runners Up will each receive £200 worth (face value) of Dreamcar Competition tickets for Competitions run by the Promoter”.



My top tips for increasing your BotB odds of winning

  1. Have a monthly budget and stick to it. But do blow your budget all in 1 go.
  2. Only play with Sale Tickets. if there isn’t a car you would like to win, don’t play. There’s always next week.
  3. Don’t play with just one ticket. Buy at least ten tickets and your price per ticket is discounted. Ten tickets at £4 costs £24 (40% discount)
  4. Pay the extra £1.25 per ticket to win £10,000 and free fuel for a year. The multi-buy discount is applied, also saving 40% on ten tickets.
  5. Keep pins close together. If you win in a tie-break, the chance of your second selection being closer is greater.
  6. Get some friends round your screen and ‘discuss’ where they think the ball is. May help, or may confuse.
  7. If you win a runner up prize – spend it all on the following weeks competition.


Head over to to play


BotB Ticket Multibuy Discounts


1 Ticket£2.00£4.00£6.00
5 Tickets (20% discount)£8 (1.60/ticket)£16 (3.20/ticket)£24 (4.80/ticket)
10 Tickets (40% discount)£12 (1.20/ticket)£24 (2.40/ticket)£36 (3.60/ticket)


How many tickets can I get for £60


Ticket price£2.00£4.00£6.00
Spend £60 (tickets only)502516
Spend £60 (with £10,000 Cash & Fuel)301913


Judges’ Decision

Once the competition has closed (Sunday at midnight) the judges (independently selected footballers, referees and ex-international football players) who decide where the centre of the ball is.

Your entries are then shown against the winning coordinates: you can see below that I was not even close this week!

BotB Judges Decision

BotB Competition Reward Scheme

Didn’t win? so best of the best will give you some of your money back (game credit)… Brilliant

In the competition I entered above, I received back £2.52 in game credit.

As well as the top 20 closest players receiving £200 in game credit, the target around the judges decision has 3 zones.

  • In the Center zone: you will receive 100% of your ticket value in game credit (value after discounts)
  • In the Middle zone: you will receive 15% of your ticket value in game credit (value after discounts)
  • In the Outer zone: you will receive 10% of your ticket value in game credit (value after discounts)